Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What type of technical support will I get once I have subscribed to TEAMLINK?Once subscribed to TEAMLINK you will receive TWO full training sessions from our technical team. Any follow up training can be provided at extra cost. TEAMLINK will also provide user manuals and training videos on specific topics that are readily available in our training academy for you to view anytime.
  2. What is the turnaround time for the technical team to respond to troubleshooting?Our technical team aims to respond to your request within a 24-hour period during the weekdays and 48 hours if the request falls on the weekend.
  3. I am a real estate agent working for a real estate agency business, can I subscribe to TEAMLINK?The TEAMLINK portal is best subscribed by a real estate agency. Real estate agents are still encouraged to register on the TEAMLINK app which enables them to communicate with their clients and browse properties that are available for sale on the market. Coming next year, we are going to build CAN – Conjunction Agent Network which allows agents to work together directly without agencies in between.
  4. I see that you have different pricing for each package. Is it possible for me to change the package if my requirements change?We allow ONE subscription downgrade within a 6 months period. A 1-month period notice is required.
  5. What is the cancellation period if I decide to cancel my subscription? Will there be a penalty if I cancel before the subscription period ends?There will be at least a 6 months locked-in contract after the trial period. To cancel your subscription, a 1-month cancellation notice is required after that.
  6. Can I transfer my subscription to another user?Subscription cannot be transferred to another user once you have been signed up.
  7. Are there any other additional costs other than the subscription fee payable?Yes. The additional costs will be listed on a schedule in the agreement before commencement of your subscription.
  8. Can anyone other than the subscriber make amendments to the information uploaded onto the portal?Your account is protected to what you want others to see and amend. Unless you have provided your access details to someone else, only you and your authorised account can make amendments to the information uploaded.
  9. Once I have decided to subscribe to TEAMLINK, what is the next step? What are your payment terms?The payment terms are as stipulated in the subscription agreement. Please refer to this and if you require further clarification, please contact us directly.
  1. I am a developer subscribed to your portal, I have one master agency marketing my development, how many channel sales agents can the master agency carry?Please see the annexure attached to your pricing schedule.
  2. Can the master sales agency alter the channel sales agents at any point in time and is there a limit on how many alterations of channel sales agent be made?Yes. There is a limit to the number of channel sales agents you can make alterations to. Please refer to the pricing schedule for specific charges.
  3. I see that Teamlink caters to the customers as well i.e.) the prospective purchaser of a property. What level of access do they have to my stock uploaded to the portal?With the current security setting, customers can only view ‘available for sale’ stock on the market.
  4. Can I share my login details with other people?As the login details is the key to access into your account, it is always possible for that to be shared to other parties. However, for privacy and security reasons we strongly recommend that you do not share this information with others and Teamlink takes no responsibility and liability if your login details are shared with multiple parties.