Complete cloud based SaaS Platform, your digitalised, paperless solution

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Get connected to projects, developers
& third party resources

Our all in one platform connects agents to projects, prospectives leads and third party resources. Manage your projects digitally with instant tracking alerts and inventory control.

Sales Pipeline Automation

All your sales pipeline in one place and with automated workflow with TEAMLINK.

Digitalised Resource Sharing

You are able to delegate access to your internal or external channels to have streamlined access to all your inventory.

Integrated Communication Channels

We have created integrated communication channels so all parties can see everything in one place at the same time.

Your paperless solution

Real-time inventory level control for agencies and sales channels, more efficiency, less paperwork, reduced human error and communication cost.

All-in-One platform for your sales needs

Workforce management function allows you to assign inventory, commission rates to dedicated sales channels.

Let us do the work for you

Automated dashboard allows your agency to see cumulative data and reports all in one place. No more Excel sheets.

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Meet Our Customers

“TEAMLINK has save me so much time in pre-qualifying buyers, instant reservation for properties with reassurance that my client will 100% get the deal without the numerous confirmation phone calls. I can now focus on my sale goals, I never thought this was possible!”

— Marie Thompson, Sales agent at Starland Real Estate

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